Tutoring for the First Year Law Students Exam (FYLSE Tutoring) &
Tutoring for the California Bar Exam

Tutoring for the First Year Law Students Exam ("FYLSE") and the California Bar Exam
Being a law student is an exhilarating experience. It can also be terrifying when it comes time to take exams. Future lawyers must all go through the hazing of the bar exam, and in some cases in California, the First Year Law Students Exam ("FYLSE") is also required.  These exams have low pass rates. Many test-takers require some outside help to navigate through the material.

At Arista Tutors, we provide various forms of tutoring to fit your needs. You will work directly with a law professor who is licensed in California and regularly tutors law students for the FYLSE and California Bar Exam. In addition to the explanations, black letter law review and essay feedback, you will be provided guidance and mentoring to ensure you are on the right track in time for your exam. Don't hesitate to work with a tutor- the costs of not passing the exam can be significantly more.
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